Blast Away Dirt with a Powerful Pressure Wash in Chatham, Kent

Removing stubborn dirt and graffiti is impossible with a sponge and bucket of water, but with the right equipment, surfaces can be cleansed. At Hightech Cleaning Services, in Chatham, Kent, we use the finest equipment to provide powerful pressure washing. Perfect for graffiti removal and surface cleaning for car parks, decking, patios, windows, and building facades, the pressure wash will blast away the unwanted grime.

Man Washing Patio

Using Quality Equipment

In order to complete effective pressure washing, high-quality equipment is required. Our team use the finest pressure washers to complete our work, using hot or cold water depending on the job at hand. Additionally, we use a number of harmless but effective chemicals to provide a thorough clean. Covering commercial and residential properties, we will visit your location to assess the job, discuss your requirements, determine the most suitable solution, and provision a free quote.

Re-Resining Driveways

Resin-bound driveways are made from a multitude of small stones that are held together using a durable resin. At Hightech Cleaning Services, we specialise in applying new layers of resin on these driveways, adding extra protection and preventing weeds from growing on the driveway in future. This is a high-quality service that should only be performed by professionals like ourselves.

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